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Commands ‚Äč

You can either use /bountiful, or /bo for any of these commands.

  • /bo reload - Reloads the bounty and reward registries with data from config/bountiful/bounties.json and config/bountiful/rewards.json. If this command fails, it will tell you and revert back to using it's previous working data.
  • /bo gen - Creates a new bounty and puts it into your inventory (If OP / in creative). If no valid bounty can be created, the bounty will be empty (and right clicking with the bounty in hand will attempt to generate bounty data for the bounty).
    • /bo gen [common/uncommon/rare/epic] - Same as /bo gen, but creates a new bounty of a specified rarity.
    • /bo gen [c/u/r/e] - Same as above, but shorthand.
  • /bo expire - Forces the current bounty in your hand to become expired.
  • /bo entities - Prints out a list of the registry names of all mobs to the chat. Used to find entity registry names in order to make them bounty objectives for the file config/bountiful/bounties.json.