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Customizing Bounties

Customizing bounty objectives is done in 1.14 via data packs. You can create your own data pack using instructions on the Minecraft wiki, or (if you are a modpack maker) you can use a data pack loader mod such as Open Loader to more easily create data packs for modpacks.


Decrees are items that determine which items show up in bounty boards. A "Fisherman" Decree will only create bounties with objectives and rewards related to fishing! These decrees pull objectives and rewards from different pools. All default Decree data can be found here.

A Typical Decree Entry

Here's a typical Decree entry (toolsmith.json):

  "spawnsInBoard": true,
  "objectivePools": [
  "rewardPools": [

NOTE: As of v3.1.0, spawnsInBoard does not do anything. It will be implemented in a future release.

As you can see, the Toolsmithing Decree pulls objectives from three different pools and pulls rewards from two different pools. Overriding this file with your own toolsmith.json via a data pack will let you add to or replace this data.


Pools are lists of objectives/rewards that Decrees can pull from. All default Pool data can be found here.

A Typical Pool Entry

Here is an example of a typical entry:

  "type": "item",
  "content": "minecraft:cobblestone",
  "amountRange": {
    "min": 8,
    "max": 64
  "unitWorth": 25,
  "weight": 1000

Here is a description of each key:

  • type - What type of entry this is
    • Valid objective types are: item, item-tag, and entity
    • Valid reward types are: item, item-tag and command
  • content - A string describing the objective.
    • For items, use modid:itemid.
      • Examples: minecraft:iron_axe, minecraft:stick
    • For entities, use modid:entityid.
      • Examples: minecraft:sheep, minecraft:skeleton
      • Use /bo entities to dump a list of all entities to logs/bountiful.log.
  • amountRange - The minimum and maximum amount of this item that will be requested in the bounty
  • unitWorth - The amount of "worth" that a single one of this objective will be worth. This value will be used to find suitable objectives that match the combined worth of the rewards.
  • weight - This is an arbitrary number that determines how often, relatively, this bounty reward will be picked compared to another. Rewards with higher weights will be picked more often.
    • NOTE: Weight is not considered when picking objectives, just rewards!

Item Objectives/Rewards

For item objectives/rewards, use "type": "item".

  • content should be the item's registry name (e.g. minecraft:iron_axe, minecraft:stick).
  • If you want the item to have NBT, use an "nbt": {} key. See this file for some examples of item objectives/rewards with NBT data.
  • To easily generate JSON data for entries, type /bo hand with an item in your hand and it will copy the correct JSON data to your clipboard. Make sure to check the nbt field, because it can occasionally convert NBT->JSON data incorrectly (Long number being converted from say 5 to "5L", shorts and bytes as "5s" and "5b") depending on how it was stored.

Tag Objectives/Rewards

For item objectives/rewards that you want to use a tag for, use "type": "item-tag".

  • content should be the name of the tag (see: tag list). (e.g. forge:dyes, minecraft:logs, minecraft:trapdoors)

Entity Objectives (Mobs)

For entity objectives, use "type": "entity"

  • content should be the registry name of the entity (e.g. minecraft:spider, minecraft:zombie, minecraft:magma_cube)

Command Rewards

For command rewards, use "type": "command"

  • content should be the commmand you want to run. (e.g. /time set day, /give %player% torch 1)
  • There are several replacements that you can add:
    • %player% will be replaced with the name of the player that completed the reward
    • %amount% will be replaced by the random amount that the bounty picked for that reward. Useful


  • If you want your objective / reward to have a custom name, use "name": "Your Name Here". Note that this is not localized, so it will always show up this way regardless of language. There will be a translation key option in a later update.